Western Desperation – Blame Iran and Palestine for Lockerbie Bombing?

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The ongoing government sponsored media propaganda campaign against Iran has been escalating over the last week. First we have the alleged Israeli find of Iranian missiles heading for Gaza. This discovery is very suspicious especially since the weapons were labelled in English.

Western Desperation - Blame Iran and Palestine


Why would Iran, a mostly Persian speaking nation, label weapons destined for Palestine in English? It just doesn’t make any sense at all to anyone who possesses critical thinking.

Next, we have the media trying to tie the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to an Iranian national, which has since been proven to be a dead end.

Now, there are reports that a former Iranian spy is claiming Iranian and Palestinian involvement in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

The accusations in regards to this matter are inconclusive and definitely appear to be agenda driven. Also, Libya has openly admitted their guilt in the Lockerbie bombing that killed 259 civilians.

The Western war-machine and their Middle Eastern allies such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are clearly trying to justify military action against Iran and Gaza. They always come up with some kind of “declassified” documents or a new “whistleblower”. Does anyone remember the lies and deception leading up to the Iraq war? Their whistleblower, an Iraqi scientist named “Curveball” was later proven to be an agenda driven liar.

This certainly reminds me of the lead up to the United States invasion of Iraq and strengthens my beliefs that a war against Iran is inevitable no matter how much they comply with international demands. It is no secret that there are plans to change regimes in various Middle Eastern nations, it has been hinted in the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

General Wesley Clark has also exposed the plan to destabilize the Middle East:

Personally, I am sick and tired of the government sponsored media propaganda machine using their influence to poison the minds of people with the intention of influencing public opinion to justify their premeditated wars which are based on deceptive lies. The only positive thing I can think of in regards to all this is that the masses are waking up to these lies and it is causing them to question what they are being told.

I wonder what kind of lies they will try and subject us to next?


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  • sc3588

    Anyone else sick of them pissing on us and telling us it’s rain? These lies are becoming more and more ridiculous the more desperate they get.